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IT Consulting
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BearTech Solutions has been in the IT field for over 17 years, our mission: to help businesses and individuals with all of their IT needs.

From software development and project management to computer repair services, we offer your business complete coverage.

Our Services

Our Services

Software Design & Management

With over 17 years experience in software development and project management, you can trust us to bring your ideas into reality.

Slow Computer Analysis

A complete analysis of the root causes to a slow computer and solutions for tweaks and speed ups.

Network Solutions

Whether you need to create a domain to your business or just setup a home network we can do that for you.

Operating System Installation

Reinstalling an operating system from beginning to end including apps and updates.

Computer Repair Services

We offer our technical knowledge in computer repair services to businesses and Individual, leave it up to us and your issue would be resolved

Remote Repair Services

For anything that can be fixed remotely we offer a quick solution to get your issues solved without waiting for a specialist. 


"BearTeach is super professional! They came to pick up my computer the same day I contacted Them. Solve all the computer problems super fast and charge a very reasonable price. I will definitely keep contact Them in the future."


Moshit S.


Ready to find out more?

Feel free to contact us and we will help you assess your project or issue and give you the best possible solution.

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